The CSPBA was incorporated upon an application by Messrs. J. Jasko, R. Kozel, G. Jasko, A. Michalko, and J. Reha, by Letters Patent dated January 22nd 1962, under Part III of the Quebec Companies Act, as a not for profit organization. The Association effectively commenced operations on February 6, 1963 at a meeting of the incorporators and invited guests.

The first Ball was held on October 26th 1966, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The founding members then decided to encourage their children, as well as the other children of Slovak origin, to continue in post-secondary education by giving them a scholarship. This scholarship was given to the qualified applicants who as full-time students entered the first year of any University in Montreal, or in the province of Qu├ębec. Later, due to the establishment of the CEGEPs in the province of Quebec , the scholarships have been also awarded to qualified applicants in their first year in any CEGEP.

Hence, the first scholarships were awarded at the second Ball which was held on October 27th 1967. One of the five scholarship recipients that year was The Honorable Eva Petras, who was one of the most reputable family law lawyers in this province and is now Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec. She is an active member of the Slovak community. On July 1st 1987, the CSPBA Trust Fund was federally incorporated as a charitable organization and was now able to issue tax receipts to donors. Three trustees currently administer this fund under the chairmanship of Dr. Josef Brody.

The CSPBA aims to attract business and professional members. Most, but not all of our members are of Slovak origin. Apart from providing members with an opportunity to socialize and to network, the CSPBA organizes an Annual Scholarship Ball. In fact, to encourage and support our students in pursuing their education beyond the secondary school level has become the prime purpose of our Association. The CSPBA is very proud of its accomplishments. Our Association and its friends have supported students of Slovak origin or those who are directly related to our members. To this day, the CSPBA has awarded scholarships to over 400 students. The combined value of the scholarships awarded is close to $300,000, quite an accomplishment for an Association such as ours.